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BLASTphylo is an interactive web tool developed to compute and visualize taxonomic and phylogenetic trees of homologous proteins and genes. Including taxonomic or phylogenetic analyses into the process of characterizing a protein is common practice to gain insights into the protein’s evolutionary origin or to potentially deduce its function. The tool consists of an automated part that includes a BLAST search, a mapping of BLAST results onto the NCBI taxonomy, and phylogenetic tree computations. Both, taxonomic and phylogenetic trees are visualized interactively, allowing the user to (un)collapse nodes on demand. Additionally, the taxonomy can automatically be collapsed to different taxonomic ranks. By that, overview as well as detailed tree visualization can be created and downloaded.

Visit BLASTphylo here:

Example Data

In order to get to know BLASTphylo two different example data sets can be loaded. For that, select Test example: one query or Test example: two queries instead of Fasta file in the upload area of the landing page of the tool.

Data for the paper

Data used to generate figures from the paper can be found here:

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